Alt names: Sunabozu, SandBoy,
Artist: USUNE Masatoshi
Genre: Seinen Ecchi Comedy Animated Adventure Action

Desert Punk is a popular manga and anime series that has gained a strong following among fans of the post-apocalyptic and action genres. Set in a harsh and unforgiving desert wasteland, the story follows the adventures of the titular character, Desert Punk, as he navigates the treacherous environment and battles against rival mercenaries and bandits. With its unique blend of humor, action, and drama, Desert Punk has become a beloved series that continues to captivate audiences around the world. The world of Desert Punk is a dystopian future where civilization has collapsed, leaving behind a barren and desolate landscape. Survivors are left to fend for themselves, forming various factions and tribes as they struggle for dominance in the harsh environment. It is within this setting that we are introduced to the character of Desert Punk, a skilled and cunning mercenary who ekes out a living by taking on dangerous and often lethal assignments. While he may come off as a brash and reckless individual, Desert Punk possesses a sharp wit and a knack for survival that keeps him one step ahead of his adversaries. At the heart of Desert Punk is the character of Desert Punk himself. He is a complex and multi-dimensional protagonist who defies easy categorization. On the surface, he may seem like a selfish and opportunistic anti-hero, but as the series progresses, we come to understand that there is more to him than meets the eye. He is driven by a desire to survive in a world that offers little mercy, and his actions are often a response to the unforgiving nature of the desert. This makes him a compelling and relatable character, and one that audiences can't help but root for. The supporting cast of Desert Punk is equally engaging, with a diverse array of characters who add depth and complexity to the story. From the fiery and independent Junko to the enigmatic and powerful Rain Spider, each character brings their own unique flavor to the series and contributes to its overall appeal. The interactions between the characters are often filled with humor and tension, creating a dynamic and compelling narrative that keeps viewers invested in the story. One of the most notable aspects of Desert Punk is its blend of action and comedy. The series is known for its adrenaline-pumping fight scenes, which are choreographed with precision and finesse. From gunfights to hand-to-hand combat, Desert Punk is filled with thrilling battles that showcase the characters' skills and cunning. At the same time, the series doesn't take itself too seriously, often injecting humor into the most intense of situations. This balance between action and comedy is one of the key factors that sets Desert Punk apart from other series in its genre, and it is a major part of what has made it so beloved by fans. In addition to its engaging storyline and dynamic characters, Desert Punk also features stunning artwork that brings the world of the series to life. The desert wasteland is depicted in vivid detail, with its vast stretches of sand and dilapidated ruins providing a haunting backdrop for the character's adventures. The character designs are also striking, with each individual being visually distinct and memorable. The action sequences are brought to life with dynamic and fluid artwork that captures the intensity of each confrontation. This attention to detail and skillful execution of the artwork further elevates the series and makes it a joy to experience. For fans of the Desert Punk manga, the anime adaptation offers a faithful and thrilling retelling of the story. The anime brings the world of the series to life with vibrant animation and a dynamic soundtrack that complements the action on screen. The voice acting is also top-notch, with the characters being brought to life by talented and expressive performers. Whether you are a fan of the manga or new to the series, the anime adaptation of Desert Punk is a must-watch that captures the essence of the source material while adding its own unique flair. Overall, Desert Punk is a series that has it all: compelling characters, a richly realized world, pulse-pounding action, and a healthy dose of humor. It has earned its place as a beloved and influential entry in the manga and anime landscape, and it continues to attract new fans with its timeless appeal. Whether you are a long-time fan or a newcomer, Desert Punk is an essential addition to any collection and a journey worth embarking on.


Name Published date
Chapter 139 2024/03/31 Read
Chapter 133 2024/03/14 Read
Chapter 132 2024/02/22 Read
Chapter 131 2024/01/26 Read
Chapter 130 2024/01/26 Read
Chapter 129 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 128 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 127 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 126 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 125 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 124 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 123 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 122 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 121 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 120 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 119 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 118 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 117 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 116 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 115 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 114 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 113 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 112 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 111 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 110 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 109 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 108 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 107 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 106 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 105 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 104 2021/08/30 Read
Chapter 103 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 102 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 101 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 100 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 99 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 98 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 97 2018/07/16 Read
Chapter 96 2018/04/16 Read
Chapter 95 2018/04/16 Read
Chapter 94 2018/04/16 Read
Chapter 93 2017/05/30 Read
Chapter 92 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 91 2017/05/24 Read
Chapter 90 2017/03/22 Read
Chapter 89 2017/03/22 Read
Chapter 88 2017/03/22 Read
Chapter 87 2017/03/22 Read
Chapter 86 2016/03/30 Read
Chapter 85 2016/03/30 Read
Chapter 84 2016/03/30 Read
Chapter 83 2016/03/07 Read
Chapter 82 2016/03/02 Read
Chapter 81 2015/03/12 Read
Chapter 80 2015/03/03 Read
Chapter 79 2015/02/26 Read
Chapter 78 2015/02/26 Read
Chapter 77 2015/02/22 Read
Chapter 76 2015/02/22 Read
Chapter 75 2015/02/22 Read
Chapter 74 2015/02/20 Read
Chapter 73 2015/02/20 Read
Chapter 72 2015/02/20 Read
Chapter 71 2015/02/15 Read
Chapter 70 2015/02/15 Read
Chapter 69 2015/02/15 Read
Chapter 68 2015/02/15 Read
Chapter 67 2015/02/12 Read
Chapter 66 2015/02/12 Read
Chapter 65 2015/02/10 Read
Chapter 64 2015/02/10 Read
Chapter 63 2015/02/10 Read
Chapter 62 2015/02/09 Read
Chapter 61 2014/08/24 Read
Chapter 60 2014/03/16 Read
Chapter 59 2014/02/01 Read
Chapter 58 2014/01/19 Read
Chapter 57 2014/01/08 Read
Chapter 56 2014/01/01 Read
Chapter 55 2013/12/28 Read
Chapter 54 2013/10/20 Read
Chapter 53 2013/09/28 Read
Chapter 52 2013/09/16 Read
Chapter 51 2013/09/08 Read
Chapter 50 2013/09/08 Read
Chapter 49 2013/08/24 Read
Chapter 48 2013/08/17 Read
Chapter 47 2013/08/02 Read
Chapter 46 2013/07/24 Read
Chapter 45 2013/07/17 Read
Chapter 44 2013/07/11 Read
Chapter 43 2013/07/05 Read
Chapter 42 2013/06/24 Read
Chapter 41 2013/06/24 Read
Chapter 40 2013/06/10 Read
Chapter 39 2013/05/12 Read
Chapter 38 2013/05/04 Read
Chapter 37 2013/04/22 Read
Chapter 36 2013/03/20 Read
Chapter 35 2013/03/20 Read
Chapter 34 2013/03/20 Read
Chapter 33 2013/03/20 Read
Chapter 32 2013/03/20 Read
Chapter 6 - Volume 6 Chapter 31 2013/02/14 Read
Chapter 5 - Volume 5 2011/08/04 Read
Chapter 4 - Volume 4 2011/08/04 Read
Chapter 3 - Volume 3 2011/02/18 Read
Chapter 2 - Volume 2 2011/02/18 Read
Chapter 1 - Volume 1 2011/02/18 Read
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