Alt names: MyWifeBecameanElementarySchoolStudent, MyWifeturnedintoanElementarySchooler, 妻、小学生になる。, Tsuma, Shougakuseininaru,
Artist: MURATA Yayuu
Genre: Slice of Life Seinen Romance Lolicon Drama Comedy

If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student is a heartwarming and comedic manga/anime series that has captivated audiences with its charming and unique premise. The story follows the life of a married couple, Hiroshi and Ryouko, who find themselves in a bizarre and hilarious situation when Ryouko inexplicably transforms into her 10-year-old self. The series, created by Shinji Nagashima, originally began as a manga in 2016 and has since been adapted into an anime that has garnered a dedicated fanbase. The manga is serialized in Monthly Comic Ride magazine, while the anime adaptation has been well-received for its lighthearted and entertaining storytelling. The premise of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and captivating aspects of the series. The sudden change in Ryouko's age creates various comedic and heartwarming scenarios as she navigates elementary school life while still being a married woman. The contrast between her adult mindset and childlike appearance presents a multitude of amusing situations, and the series expertly balances its comedic elements with moments of heartfelt sincerity. Hiroshi is faced with the challenge of supporting his wife as she attends elementary school while keeping her true identity a secret from their peers and teachers. As Hiroshi navigates his newfound role as a supportive husband and caretaker, the series explores themes of love, commitment, and the importance of understanding and accepting one another. The characters in If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student are endearing and multifaceted, adding depth and emotional resonance to the story. Ryouko's youthful appearance allows her to experience childhood once more, while Hiroshi's unwavering devotion to his wife showcases the strength of their bond. The series also introduces a colorful cast of supporting characters, including Ryouko's classmates and teachers, who contribute to the lighthearted and heartwarming atmosphere of the story. The artwork in both the manga and anime adaptation is visually appealing and complements the series' comedic and heartfelt moments. The character designs are charming and expressive, further enhancing the emotional impact of the story. The vibrant and dynamic illustrations bring the world of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student to life, capturing the essence of the characters' experiences and interactions. The series' appeal extends beyond its unique premise and engaging characters, as it also delves into universal themes that resonate with audiences of all ages. The story explores the complexities of marriage and adulthood, while also celebrating the innocence and joy of childhood. Through its humorous and heartwarming storytelling, If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student offers a delightful and insightful commentary on the human experience. If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student has garnered widespread acclaim for its ability to blend comedy, romance, and slice-of-life elements seamlessly. The series strikes a perfect balance between its humorous and heartfelt moments, providing a satisfying and enjoyable reading/viewing experience for fans of all genres. Its ability to evoke laughter and warmth while navigating the complexities of adult relationships and youthful innocence has solidified its status as a standout title in the manga/anime landscape. At MangaBeat, we are proud to offer the opportunity for readers and viewers to experience the enchanting world of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student. Our website provides a user-friendly platform for fans to explore and enjoy the series, with a vast collection of manga chapters and anime episodes available for free. Whether you are a newcomer to the series or a longtime fan, MangaBeat is the ultimate destination to read manga online and immerse yourself in the delightful world of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student. In conclusion, If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student is a delightful and heartwarming series that captivates audiences with its unique premise, endearing characters, and expertly crafted storytelling. The series' ability to blend comedy, romance, and slice-of-life elements makes it a standout title in the manga/anime landscape, and its universal themes resonate with fans of all ages. At MangaBeat, we invite you to experience the charm and joy of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student and discover the magic of this beloved series. Join us in exploring the enchanting world of manga and anime, and immerse yourself in the delightful adventures of Ryouko and Hiroshi as they navigate the complexities of adulthood and childhood in this heartwarming and comedic tale.


Name Published date
Chapter 109 2024/04/04 Read
Chapter 108 2024/04/04 Read
Chapter 107 2024/04/04 Read
Chapter 106 2024/04/03 Read
Chapter 105 2024/04/02 Read
Chapter 104 2024/04/02 Read
Chapter 102 2024/03/26 Read
Chapter 101 2024/03/25 Read
Chapter 100 2024/03/24 Read
Chapter 99 2024/03/20 Read
Chapter 98 2024/03/18 Read
Chapter 97 2024/03/16 Read
Chapter 96e 2024/03/16 Read
Chapter 95 2024/03/16 Read
Chapter 94 2024/03/14 Read
Chapter 93 2024/03/12 Read
Chapter 92 2024/03/12 Read
Chapter 91 2024/03/11 Read
Chapter 90 2024/03/09 Read
Chapter 89 2024/03/08 Read
Chapter 88e 2024/03/07 Read
Chapter 88 2024/03/07 Read
Chapter 87 2024/03/06 Read
Chapter 86 2024/03/06 Read
Chapter 85 2024/03/06 Read
Chapter 84 2024/03/05 Read
Chapter 83 2024/03/05 Read
Chapter 82 2024/03/03 Read
Chapter 81 2024/03/02 Read
Chapter 80e 2024/02/27 Read
Chapter 80 2024/02/27 Read
Chapter 79 2024/02/27 Read
Chapter 78 2024/02/26 Read
Chapter 77 2024/02/26 Read
Chapter 76 2024/02/25 Read
Chapter 75 2024/02/23 Read
Chapter 74 2024/02/22 Read
Chapter 73 2024/02/04 Read
Chapter 72e 2024/01/05 Read
Chapter 72 2023/12/21 Read
Chapter 71 2023/12/21 Read
Chapter 70 2023/12/21 Read
Chapter 69 2023/12/11 Read
Chapter 68 2023/11/26 Read
Chapter 67 2023/11/18 Read
Chapter 66 2023/11/12 Read
Chapter 65 2023/11/09 Read
Chapter 64e 2023/11/09 Read
Chapter 64 2023/11/08 Read
Chapter 63 2023/11/07 Read
Chapter 62 2023/10/31 Read
Chapter 61 2023/10/21 Read
Chapter 60 2023/10/18 Read
Chapter 59 2023/10/03 Read
Chapter 58 2023/09/20 Read
Chapter 57 2023/09/16 Read
Chapter 56e 2023/09/07 Read
Chapter 56 2023/06/29 Read
Chapter 55 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 54 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 53 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 52 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 51 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 50 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 49 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 48e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 48 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 47 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 46 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 45 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 44 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 43 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 42 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 41 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 40e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 40 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 39 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 38 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 37 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 36 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 35 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 34 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 33 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 32e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 32 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 31 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 30 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 29 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 28 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 27 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 26 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 25 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 24e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 24 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 23 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 22 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 21 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 20 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 19 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 18 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 17 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 16e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 16 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 15 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 14 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 13 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 12 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 11 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 10 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 9 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 8e 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 8 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 7 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 6 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 5 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 4 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 3 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 2 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 1 2023/06/13 Read
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