Alt names: ExorcistwoOtosenai,
Artist: FUKAYAMA Masuku
Genre: Supernatural Shounen Romance Comedy

Are you a fan of supernatural romance manga and anime? If so, then you're in for a treat with "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love." This captivating and exciting series is available to read and watch online for free on MangaBeat, one of the best websites for manga enthusiasts. "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love" follows the story of Yumi, a young and talented exorcist who possesses extraordinary abilities to banish malevolent spirits and demons. Growing up in a family of exorcists, Yumi has always been passionate about her duty to protect the human world from the dangers of the supernatural. Her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication have earned her a reputation as one of the most promising exorcists of her generation. However, Yumi's life takes an unexpected turn when she encounters Akira, a charming and enigmatic demon who defies all her preconceptions about the supernatural beings she has sworn to eradicate. Despite her initial skepticism and distrust, Yumi finds herself drawn to Akira in ways she never thought possible. As she delves deeper into his world, Yumi discovers the complexity and depth of Akira's character, challenging her long-held beliefs about demons and their inherent evil nature. As Yumi and Akira's paths intertwine, they embark on a thrilling and perilous journey filled with danger, intrigue, and forbidden love. Together, they must confront powerful adversaries, unravel dark secrets, and navigate the intricate dynamics of their tumultuous relationship. With each encounter, Yumi and Akira's bond grows stronger, defying the boundaries set by their respective roles as exorcist and demon. "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love" is a captivating blend of supernatural action, romance, and suspense, offering a unique and compelling narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The series masterfully combines elements of the paranormal with emotionally charged storytelling, creating a rich and immersive experience for readers and viewers alike. The manga and anime adaptation of "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love" has garnered praise from fans and critics for its intricate world-building, well-developed characters, and unpredictable plot twists. With its beautiful artwork, gripping storyline, and memorable protagonists, the series has captivated audiences around the world, earning a dedicated following of enthusiasts eager to follow Yumi and Akira's captivating journey. MangaBeat provides a user-friendly platform for fans to immerse themselves in the world of "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love." Whether you're a seasoned manga reader or a newcomer to the medium, MangaBeat offers a seamless and convenient way to access this compelling series. With a vast library of manga titles available for free, MangaBeat is the perfect destination for fans to indulge in their favorite stories and discover new ones. In addition to its expansive collection of manga, MangaBeat also offers a diverse selection of anime adaptations, including "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love." The website provides an easily navigable interface, allowing users to stream their favorite anime series with ease. Whether you prefer reading the original manga or watching the animated adaptation, MangaBeat has you covered with its comprehensive offerings. With its commitment to providing high-quality content and a seamless user experience, MangaBeat has become a go-to destination for manga and anime enthusiasts worldwide. The website's dedication to accessibility and affordability makes it the ideal platform for fans to engage with their favorite series, including "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love." So, if you're ready to embark on a thrilling and enchanting journey into the world of supernatural romance, look no further than "Make the Exorcist Fall in Love" on MangaBeat. Join Yumi and Akira as they defy the odds and navigate the complexities of their forbidden love, all while facing the perils of the supernatural world. Experience the excitement and intrigue of this captivating series, all available to read and watch online for free, exclusively on MangaBeat.


Name Published date
Chapter 1 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 2 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 3 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 4 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 5 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 6 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 7 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 8 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 9 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 10 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 11 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 12 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 13 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 14 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 15 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 16 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 17 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 18 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 19 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 20 2022/08/23 Read
Chapter 21 - Comedy, Part 2 2022/08/30 Read
Chapter 22 2022/09/06 Read
Chapter 23 - Pupa 2022/09/20 Read
Chapter 24 - The Creeps 2022/10/04 Read
Chapter 25 - Worm-Eaten 2022/10/18 Read
Chapter 26 - Lord of the Flies 2022/11/01 Read
Chapter 26e 2022/11/15 Read
Chapter 27 2022/11/29 Read
Chapter 28 - Beelzebub 2022/12/13 Read
Chapter 29 2022/12/27 Read
Chapter 30 - Butterfly 2023/01/10 Read
Chapter 31 - Like a Moth to a Flame 2023/01/24 Read
Chapter 32 2023/02/07 Read
Chapter 33 2023/03/07 Read
Chapter 34 2023/03/07 Read
Chapter 35 2023/03/21 Read
Chapter 36 2023/04/04 Read
Chapter 37 2023/04/18 Read
Chapter 38 2023/05/02 Read
Chapter 39 2023/05/16 Read
Chapter 40 2023/05/30 Read
Chapter 41 - Stain 2023/06/13 Read
Chapter 42 2023/06/27 Read
Chapter 43 2023/07/11 Read
Chapter 44 2023/07/25 Read
Chapter 45 - Lock and Load 2023/08/08 Read
Chapter 46 2023/08/22 Read
Chapter 47 2023/09/05 Read
Chapter 48 2023/09/19 Read
Chapter 49 2023/10/03 Read
Chapter 50 2023/10/17 Read
Chapter 51 2023/10/31 Read
Chapter 52 2023/11/14 Read
Chapter 53 2023/11/28 Read
Chapter 54 2023/12/12 Read
Chapter 55 2023/12/26 Read
Chapter 56 - Come out, come out! 2024/01/09 Read
Chapter 57 2024/01/23 Read
Chapter 58 2024/02/06 Read
Chapter 59 2024/02/20 Read
Chapter 60 2024/03/05 Read
Chapter 61 2024/03/19 Read
Chapter 62 2024/04/02 Read
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