Alt names: GiảVờLàmKẻVôDụngởHọcĐường, PyegeubinCheokaetdeonHakgyosaenghwal, 其实我是最强的, 폐급인척했던학교생활,
Artist: todac_s
Genre: Shounen School Life Fantasy Drama Action

My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person is a captivating and engaging manga/anime that offers a unique take on the high school experience, combining elements of comedy, romance, and drama to create a truly immersive and entertaining story. This manga/anime follows the life of the protagonist, who pretends to be a worthless person and navigates the ins and outs of high school while concealing their true identity. As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a thrilling journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, making it a delightful and refreshing addition to the world of manga and anime. Set in a typical high school environment, My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person introduces readers to a colorful cast of characters, each with their own distinct personalities and motivations. The protagonist, in particular, stands out as a complex and multidimensional character, presenting a facade of indifference and apathy while harboring a deep sense of purpose and determination. This duality adds depth to the story, as readers are invited to delve deeper into the protagonist's world and unravel the mysteries surrounding their hidden persona. One of the key strengths of My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person lies in its ability to seamlessly blend different genres and themes, offering something for everyone to enjoy. From lighthearted comedic moments to heartfelt romantic developments and intense dramatic confrontations, the story strikes a perfect balance that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. This versatility allows the manga/anime to appeal to a broad audience, transcending the boundaries of traditional genre conventions and offering a truly inclusive reading experience. In addition to its compelling narrative, My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person also boasts stunning visual aesthetics that further enhance the overall reading experience. The artwork is beautifully rendered, featuring expressive character designs, dynamic action sequences, and intricate backgrounds that bring the story's world to life. The attention to detail and the artist's distinct style contribute to the manga/anime's immersive quality, captivating readers and drawing them deeper into the story's rich and vibrant universe. As readers follow the protagonist's journey through high school, they are treated to a multitude of engaging and thought-provoking themes that resonate on a deeper level. My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person explores the complexities of identity, the pressures of social expectations, and the significance of genuine connections in a way that is both relatable and impactful. Through the protagonist's struggles and triumphs, readers are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the universal truths that are woven throughout the story. This manga/anime also weaves a compelling thread of romance throughout its narrative, introducing a variety of captivating relationships that add an emotional depth to the overall story. From tender moments of affection to heart-wrenching conflicts, the romantic subplots in My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person are portrayed with sensitivity and authenticity, capturing the nuanced nuances of young love and the complexities of human relationships. This aspect of the story adds an additional layer of intrigue and emotional resonance, ensuring that readers become deeply invested in the fates of the characters. Beyond its captivating storytelling and breathtaking visuals, My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person also offers a sense of escapism and entertainment that is essential to the manga/anime experience. The story's fast-paced plot and engaging dialogue keep readers hooked from start to finish, creating a truly immersive and enjoyable reading experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether it's the adrenaline-fueled action sequences or the heartfelt character interactions, this manga/anime has all the elements needed to captivate and enchant its audience. In conclusion, My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person is a must-read manga/anime that excels in every aspect, from its compelling narrative and captivating characters to its stunning visual presentation. This story has something for everyone, offering a perfect blend of comedy, romance, and drama that is guaranteed to keep readers thoroughly entertained. Those seeking an engaging and immersive high school experience will find everything they're looking for in My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person, making it a standout addition to the diverse world of manga and anime. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to the genre, this manga/anime is an absolute delight that is not to be missed. Visit MangaBeat today and start reading My School Life Pretending to Be a Worthless Person for free!


Name Published date
Chapter 53 2024/04/02 Read
Chapter 52 2023/04/22 Read
Chapter 51 2023/04/15 Read
Chapter 50 2023/04/06 Read
Chapter 49 2023/03/15 Read
Chapter 48 2023/03/11 Read
Chapter 47 2023/02/23 Read
Chapter 46 2023/02/23 Read
Chapter 45 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 44 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 43 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 42 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 41 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 40 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 39 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 38 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 37 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 36 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 35 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 34 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 33 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 32 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 31 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 30 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 29 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 28 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 27 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 26 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 25 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 24 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 23 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 22 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 21 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 20 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 19 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 18 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 17 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 16 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 15 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 14 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 13 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 12 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 11 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 10 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 9 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 8 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 7 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 6 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 5 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 4 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 3 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 2 2023/02/09 Read
Chapter 1 2023/02/09 Read
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