Alt names: 恋愛代行, LoveAgency,
Artist: NISHIZAWA 5miri
Genre: Seinen Romance Comedy

Renai Daikou is a popular manga and anime series that has gained a strong following among fans of the romantic comedy genre. The story follows the protagonist, Ren, a young and ambitious girl who has a passion for love and romance. Ren is a hopeless romantic, and she often finds herself getting caught up in the drama and excitement of relationships. The series begins with Ren, a high school student who is determined to find true love. She is a bright and cheerful girl who is always looking for the next big romance. However, Ren is also quite naive when it comes to matters of the heart, and she often finds herself in awkward and embarrassing situations. Ren's journey to find love is filled with ups and downs, and she encounters a colorful cast of characters along the way. From her supportive friends to the mysterious and charming love interests, Ren's romantic adventures are never dull. The series is filled with comedic moments, tender emotions, and heartwarming relationships that will captivate readers and viewers alike. The artwork in Renai Daikou is visually stunning, with vibrant colors and expressive character designs. The manga and anime feature a perfect blend of humor and romance, making it a delightful and enjoyable experience for fans of the genre. Whether you are a longtime fan of romantic comedies or a newcomer to the genre, Renai Daikou is a series that is sure to capture your heart. The series has gained widespread popularity in the manga and anime community, and it has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Renai Daikou has been praised for its engaging story, well-developed characters, and beautiful artwork. The series has also garnered a strong fan base, with many readers and viewers eagerly anticipating each new chapter and episode. Renai Daikou is the perfect series for anyone who loves a good romance and a good laugh. The series is filled with delightful and relatable characters, and the story is sure to capture the hearts of fans of all ages. Whether you are a fan of manga, anime, or both, Renai Daikou is a series that is not to be missed. At MangaBeat, we are proud to offer Renai Daikou to our readers and viewers. Our website is the best place to read manga online for free, and we are committed to providing high-quality content to all of our fans. With a user-friendly interface and a vast library of manga and anime titles, MangaBeat is the ultimate destination for all of your reading and viewing needs. We invite you to dive into the world of Renai Daikou and experience the joy and excitement of this charming series. Whether you are a fan of the original manga or the animated adaptation, MangaBeat has everything you need to enjoy Renai Daikou to the fullest. So why wait? Visit MangaBeat today and discover the magic of Renai Daikou. Whether you are a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the series, we guarantee that you will be captivated by the romantic adventures of Ren and her friends. Join us at MangaBeat and experience the best in manga and anime entertainment.


Name Published date
Chapter 34 2024/04/12 Read
Chapter 33 2024/04/05 Read
Chapter 32 2024/03/30 Read
Chapter 31 2024/03/15 Read
Chapter 30 2024/03/07 Read
Chapter 29 2024/03/03 Read
Chapter 28 2024/02/19 Read
Chapter 27 2024/02/13 Read
Chapter 26 - Ketogenic 2024/01/29 Read
Chapter 25 - Advice from a Friend 2024/01/22 Read
Chapter 24 2024/01/07 Read
Chapter 23 2023/12/23 Read
Chapter 22 2023/12/11 Read
Chapter 21 2023/12/03 Read
Chapter 20 2023/11/24 Read
Chapter 19 2023/11/18 Read
Chapter 18 2023/11/03 Read
Chapter 17 2023/10/21 Read
Chapter 16 2023/10/13 Read
Chapter 15 - Locus of Control 2023/09/30 Read
Chapter 14 2023/09/23 Read
Chapter 13 - Manga Club 2023/09/16 Read
Chapter 12 2023/09/08 Read
Chapter 11 2023/07/28 Read
Chapter 10 2023/07/21 Read
Chapter 9 2023/07/07 Read
Chapter 8 2023/06/30 Read
Chapter 7 2023/06/23 Read
Chapter 6 2023/06/16 Read
Chapter 5 2023/06/04 Read
Chapter 4 2023/05/27 Read
Chapter 3 2023/05/24 Read
Chapter 2 2023/05/24 Read
Chapter 1 2023/05/24 Read
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