Genre: Martial Arts Action

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Name Published date
Chapter 100 - END 2012/11/13 Read
Chapter 99 2012/10/30 Read
Chapter 98 2012/10/18 Read
Chapter 97 2012/09/30 Read
Chapter 96 2012/09/30 Read
Chapter 95 2012/09/30 Read
Chapter 94 2012/09/17 Read
Chapter 93 2012/09/05 Read
Chapter 92 2012/09/05 Read
Chapter 91 2012/09/05 Read
Chapter 90 2012/08/19 Read
Chapter 89 2012/08/09 Read
Chapter 88 2012/07/23 Read
Chapter 87 2012/07/23 Read
Chapter 86 2012/07/11 Read
Chapter 85 2012/06/25 Read
Chapter 84 2012/06/15 Read
Chapter 83 2012/06/01 Read
Chapter 82 2012/05/17 Read
Chapter 81 2012/05/03 Read
Chapter 80 2012/04/16 Read
Chapter 79 2012/04/16 Read
Chapter 78 2012/04/03 Read
Chapter 77 2012/03/21 Read
Chapter 76 2012/03/21 Read
Chapter 75 2012/03/08 Read
Chapter 74 2012/02/11 Read
Chapter 73 2012/01/26 Read
Chapter 72 2012/01/12 Read
Chapter 71 2011/12/03 Read
Chapter 70 2011/11/18 Read
Chapter 69 2011/11/03 Read
Chapter 68 2011/10/06 Read
Chapter 67 2011/09/22 Read
Chapter 66 2011/09/07 Read
Chapter 65 2011/08/26 Read
Chapter 64 2011/08/12 Read
Chapter 63 2011/07/29 Read
Chapter 62 2011/07/14 Read
Chapter 61 2011/06/30 Read
Chapter 60 2011/06/17 Read
Chapter 59 2011/06/17 Read
Chapter 58 2011/05/18 Read
Chapter 57 2011/05/06 Read
Chapter 56 2011/04/21 Read
Chapter 55 2011/04/08 Read
Chapter 54 2011/03/25 Read
Chapter 53 2011/03/12 Read
Chapter 52 2011/02/26 Read
Chapter 51 2011/02/12 Read
Chapter 50 2011/01/29 Read
Chapter 49 2011/01/15 Read
Chapter 48 2010/12/31 Read
Chapter 47 2010/12/31 Read
Chapter 46 2010/12/17 Read
Chapter 45 2010/12/04 Read
Chapter 44 - Journey To The North 2010/11/20 Read
Chapter 43 - 43 2010/11/05 Read
Chapter 42 - 42 2010/10/25 Read
Chapter 41 - 41 2010/10/07 Read
Chapter 40 - 40 2010/09/23 Read
Chapter 39 - 39 2010/09/10 Read
Chapter 37 - 37+38 2010/08/27 Read
Chapter 36 - Accursed Tokaiji 2010/08/12 Read
Chapter 35 2010/07/29 Read
Chapter 34 - Exposed 2010/07/17 Read
Chapter 33 - Watery Grave 5 2010/07/04 Read
Chapter 32 - Watery Gate 4 2010/06/17 Read
Chapter 31 - Watery Grave 3 2010/06/04 Read
Chapter 30 - Watery Grave 2 2010/05/22 Read
Chapter 29 - Watery Grave 2010/05/06 Read
Chapter 28 - A Bride In Hell 3 2010/04/23 Read
Chapter 27 - A Bride In Hell 2010/04/09 Read
Chapter 26 2010/03/27 Read
Chapter 25 - Snake Eye Lot 2010/03/15 Read
Chapter 24 - Autumn Wind In Tokaiji 2010/03/01 Read
Chapter 23 - 23 2010/02/11 Read
Chapter 22 - 22 2010/02/10 Read
Chapter 21 2010/01/31 Read
Chapter 20 2010/01/14 Read
Chapter 19 - 19 2010/01/12 Read
Chapter 18 - The Number of Snake Eyes is Five 2009/12/18 Read
Chapter 17 - Bamboo Bridge 2009/12/06 Read
Chapter 16 - Crossjump 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 15 - Juubei Sensei 2 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 14 - Juubei Sensei 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 13 - The Bearded Kyoto Doll 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 12 - Pack of Female Devils 2 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 11 - Pack of Female Devils 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 10 - Negotiations in Yoshiwara 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 9 - Jubei Buying Baskets 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 8 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 7 - The Man with the Red Hannya-Mask 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 6 - The Number of Snake Eyes is Seven 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 5 - Hell's Street 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 4 - 44 Buddhist Mortuary 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 3 - That Man 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 2 - The Hori Mondo Incident 2009/11/27 Read
Chapter 1 - Yanagi Nama Concealed Scroll 2009/11/27 Read
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