Artist: UNITA Yumi
Genre: Slice of Life Seinen Comedy

Yoningurashi, also known as Four-panel Life, is a lighthearted and heartwarming manga and anime series that follows the daily lives of four high school girls as they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence. Created by Sako Masashi, the series first began as a webcomic before being serialized in Manga Time Kirara, a popular manga magazine targeted towards a young female audience. The story is centered around the everyday adventures of the four main characters—Yuzuko, Yukari, Yui, and Yui's little sister, Ai. Each of the girls has her own unique personality and quirks, which adds layers of depth and humor to the series. Yuzuko is the energetic and mischievous troublemaker, Yukari is the level-headed and responsible one, Yui is the kind and gentle peacemaker, and Ai is the innocent and adorable younger sister. The manga is presented in a four-panel format, which means each page features a series of short, self-contained gags or stories. This style lends itself well to quick, punchy humor and allows for a wide variety of comedic situations to arise. From everyday conversations and school activities to holiday celebrations and quirky shenanigans, the series covers a wide range of topics with a light-hearted and comedic touch. One of the most appealing aspects of Yoningurashi is its relatable and realistic portrayal of teenage life. While the series certainly has its fair share of comedic and exaggerated moments, it also delves into more serious and emotional themes, such as friendship, family, and self-discovery. The characters' interactions and experiences feel authentic and genuine, making it easy for readers and viewers to empathize with their trials and triumphs. In addition to its well-written characters and engaging storytelling, Yoningurashi also boasts charming and expressive artwork. Sako Masashi's illustrations are cute and colorful, and the characters' facial expressions and body language are expertly rendered to convey a wide range of emotions. The visual style perfectly complements the series' humorous and heartwarming tone, making it a joy to read and watch. Yoningurashi has also received an anime adaptation, which further brought the series to life and introduced it to a wider audience. The anime faithfully adapts the manga's four-panel format and episodic storytelling, effectively capturing the essence of the original work. The voice actors bring the characters to life with spirited performances, and the animation is lively and vibrant, making for a delightful viewing experience. If you're a fan of slice-of-life stories, comedy, and heartwarming character dynamics, Yoningurashi is a must-read (or must-watch). Whether you're a manga enthusiast looking for a new series to dive into or an anime aficionado in search of a charming and light-hearted show, Yoningurashi is sure to capture your heart with its endearing characters, relatable humor, and touching moments. At MangaBeat, we are proud to offer Yoningurashi manga and anime for free, allowing fans to enjoy the series anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly website is designed for effortless navigation, and our vast library of manga and anime titles ensures that there's something for everyone. With high-quality translations and streaming options, MangaBeat is the ultimate destination for all your manga and anime needs. So come on over to MangaBeat and start reading or watching Yoningurashi today! Join the charming high school girls on their delightful adventures, and get ready for a heartwarming and laughter-filled journey. Whether you're a longtime fan of the series or new to the world of Yoningurashi, we guarantee that you'll be captivated by its sweet and relatable storytelling. Happy reading and happy watching!


Name Published date
Chapter 58 - END 2012/12/24 Read
Chapter 57 2012/12/23 Read
Chapter 56 2012/12/22 Read
Chapter 55 2012/12/21 Read
Chapter 54 2012/12/20 Read
Chapter 53 2012/12/19 Read
Chapter 52 2012/12/18 Read
Chapter 51 2012/12/17 Read
Chapter 50 2012/11/29 Read
Chapter 49 2012/11/19 Read
Chapter 48 2012/10/23 Read
Chapter 47 2012/10/21 Read
Chapter 46 2012/10/19 Read
Chapter 45 2012/10/19 Read
Chapter 44 2012/08/04 Read
Chapter 43 2012/05/09 Read
Chapter 42 2012/04/10 Read
Chapter 41 2012/04/07 Read
Chapter 40 2012/03/11 Read
Chapter 39 2012/01/26 Read
Chapter 38 2012/01/17 Read
Chapter 37 2012/01/16 Read
Chapter 36 2012/01/12 Read
Chapter 35 2012/01/01 Read
Chapter 34 2012/01/01 Read
Chapter 33 2011/12/25 Read
Chapter 32 2011/12/25 Read
Chapter 31 2011/12/24 Read
Chapter 30 2011/12/23 Read
Chapter 29 2011/12/22 Read
Chapter 28 2011/12/21 Read
Chapter 27 2011/12/20 Read
Chapter 26 2011/12/19 Read
Chapter 25 2011/12/18 Read
Chapter 24 2011/12/17 Read
Chapter 23 2011/12/16 Read
Chapter 22 2011/12/15 Read
Chapter 21 2011/12/14 Read
Chapter 20 2011/12/13 Read
Chapter 19 2011/12/12 Read
Chapter 18 2011/12/11 Read
Chapter 17 2011/12/10 Read
Chapter 16 2011/12/09 Read
Chapter 15 2011/12/08 Read
Chapter 14 2011/12/07 Read
Chapter 13 2011/12/06 Read
Chapter 12 2011/12/05 Read
Chapter 11 2011/12/04 Read
Chapter 10 2011/11/21 Read
Chapter 9 2011/10/09 Read
Chapter 8 2011/10/09 Read
Chapter 7 2011/09/25 Read
Chapter 6 2011/09/25 Read
Chapter 5 2011/09/25 Read
Chapter 4 2011/09/05 Read
Chapter 3 2011/09/05 Read
Chapter 2 2011/08/27 Read
Chapter 1 2011/08/27 Read
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